A piece from The Ice is Melting at the Pøules collection was selected as one of the artworks for Brixen Water Light Festival in South Tyrol. It was on display during May on the historic White Tower in the old town also known as Bressanone.

The fragment consists of an ever changing analogue and organic projection made by light shining through rotating and enclosed glass discs. These discs contain actual meltwater from the ice sheet in Greenland, blue dye from endangered cornflowers and crude oil from an actual oil field in USA. The incompatibility of the materials used stands metaphorically for oil production and the associated problems regarding global warming.
This part of The Ice is Melting at the Pøules tells the story of the more than 13 million litres of ice melting – each second.

Thank you Copenhagen Light Festival, Sebastian Mernild and others for helping support this important message.