But tomorrow…
Or the day after tomorrow, or the day after again. What happens if we continue to live as we do?

Lighting artist Martin Ersted has asked himself that question, and together with the collaboration Båll & Brand and a number of artists, he has created an organic work entitled ”The Ice is Melting at the Pøules”.

The overall concept consists of many fragments – including concerts, performances and diverse lighting installations.

The ambition is that fragments of the work travel all the way from the North to the South Pole as well as to selected cities between the two outer poles.

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Wednesday 24 February at 17.00: Conversation about the work The Ice is Melting at the Pøules with former Foreign Minister Villy Søvndal

19. January 2022|

See the conversation between former Minister of Foreign Affairs [...]

Wednesday 18 August: Conversation on climate change with climate researcher and vice-rector, University of Southern Denmark, Sebastian Mernild

19. January 2022|

Lighting artist Martin Ersted has spoken with climate [...]

We are

“The Ice is Melting at the Pøules” originated in large-scale light works combined with a sound universe.

The work has been exhibited in several places internationally, including Copenhagen, Vilnius, and on the facade of the Maritime Museum in Amsterdam during the 8th edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival.

The work’s title “The Ice is Melting at the Pøules” refers to the former Danish Foreign Minister Villy Søvndal’s statement during COP15 “the ice is Melting at the pøules”, which back in 2009 amused large parts of the world – but overshadowed the message itself…

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